The Village Villefontaine (38)

Une architecture singulière et épurée qui joue avec l'élément arboré


A place inspired by the surrounding nature and featuring a multifaceted green setting. An ecological corridor to guarantee the functionalities of the site and its environment around a commercial village with trees and remarkable vegetation.

Starting with the roofs, 1.5 hectares of roofs are planted with intensive cultivation with many honey plants that allowed the first hives to be laid.

Then, on the car parks, the trees mask and shelter the cars.

The heart of the shopping centre is very wooded with a very beautiful collection of species, including Japanese maples, which adorn the streets of the village.

And finally, outside we discover different environments: afforestation, wetlands and grassed areas in the hills drawn.

In total, 4.2 hectares are developed and planted.

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