Ma Petite Madelaine Chambray-les-Tours (37)

Grande promenade arborée pour flâner

...and then we created "the garden of lovers" and the educational farm

Located at the entrance to the Chambray-les-Tours urban area and close to a leisure centre, the Ma petite Madeleine shopping centre aims to develop a landscape that links the city and the countryside. In order to link the urban environment and the natural environment, the centre is crossed by a green avenue, thus creating a link between the avenue and the water body. The landscape is then declined in a succession of hilly spaces gradually structured in contact with the building, thus referring to the gardens of the Loire.

In addition, it is in contact with the commercial area that this educational farm project is being set up, where urban agriculture is developing with its various vegetables and fruits. The objective is to promote environmentally friendly agriculture, according to the principles of permaculture, within a qualitative landscape framework. The farm is divided into different spaces, including an intensive farmhouse, where the public is welcomed and the crops are sold directly. The park offers many recreational areas: pony rides, discovery workshops, rest areas, tree climbing... A large area is kept in the meadow to accommodate sheep and ponies for the maintenance of the various grassy areas of the farm.

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