The Paul Arène workshop - Landscape and Urban Planning


The Paul Arène workshop - Landscape and Urban Planning



The Team 2018

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The Paul Arène workshop celebrated its 30th years in 2018 !

We work in the landscape and urban in many regions in France.

With my team, we design projects in our workshop with our convictions of protecting our land, water and improving the landscape. It is with landscape companies that we implement our various concepts according to the rules of the art.

For several years now, we have also been accompanying gardeners on site to guide them in the maintenance so that the desired installations last as long as possible but also so that they develop with great generosity and freedom.

It is essential for us to continue to weave this bond of poetry that builds emotion and benefits the well-being of our society.

To this end, we take into account the new social and ecological challenges of tomorrow's landscape which are now being incorporated into the most diverse development projects: urban extensions and requalifications, business and commercial parks, and natural spaces in search meaning. Our concepts are also used in some private and exceptional gardens, or on a larger scales on territory and programming studies.

All our projects integrate the notion of sustainablility, in order to continue to create, innovate and dream while remaining attentive to the history of the places.

Humans lives in our landscapes but they are note alone ...

Paul Arene


The gallery

Mille arbres

Paris (75)

Pernod-Ricard University

Clairefontaine-en-Yvelines (78)

Study tour 2018


Private gardens

Grand-Ouest France

The plants

Etapes clés...

The Argenton Valley

Deux-Sèvres (79)

Urban planning & Landscape

Grand-ouest France

Parc de la Mevellière

Bouaye (44)

The Village

Villefontaine (38)

Ma Petite Madelaine

Chambray-les-Tours (37)


Beaucouzé (49)




Moulins-lès-Metz (57)

Support for gardeners


The humid and secret forest

Vern d'Anjou (49)

Mixed gardens


The workshop celebrated its 30th anniversary

en 2018 !

Our team

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