Mixed gardens France

Balade en famille

Meet the people

These semi-private gardens open their doors to those who want to come for a few hours or work in a green setting that breathes serenity.

They are there to shed light on the convictions of people who wish to convey a message to their customers and/or employees.

Convinced that it is necessary to start correcting yesterday's mistakes now, they plunge into reality to achieve this exemplary tomorrow as quiickly as possible.

More and more of them are becoming aware that the planet is suffering from mistakes of yesterday and today.



The garden is a place of escape that allows everyone to get away from reality and find peace and a desire to listen to nature.

Private gardens are secret places which shelter the intimacy of a family in the respect and the history of the place. They are enclosed gardens that hide multiple nooks and crannies whose perfumes belong to these plants and that these gardeners cultivate with the seasons.

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