The Argenton Valley Deux-Sèvres (79)

Réunion participative

A magnificent valley to discover

The Workshop worked on a project to upgrade the Argenton Valley over 45 km spread over 14 municipalities

After having carried out a first step of defining a development programme, our mission continued with the operational phases including the development, enhancement and networking of several natural sites in the valley. 

An emblematic site in the valley, Clos de l'Oncle Georges is steeped in history and has a diverse natural landscape heritage. The principles were to work on the multiple specificities and atmospheres of the river through a hiking trail.

Then, the magical and mysterious site of the Auzay footbridge whose concept is to start from the magical spirit of the Tree to the Rock. Create a contrast with the intimacy of the place by marking the disproportion in the chosen fittings (giant furniture, huge steps...)




Then, the Preuil bridge: a work from the Xi-XIIth century, off-centre from the village of Bouillé Saint Paul. Revealing the theme of the cosmography journey, a multifunctional artistic structure appears. Here, the objective is to highlight the different views on the bridge and to discover an elsewhere through the artistic work.

We finished with the site of Les Planches which consists of a very bucolic wooded island. The project aims to enhance the landscape of its paths, banks and break areas directly linked to the river. The attractiveness is developed by colourful scenographic interventions with pure lines.

Another place is under study, the megalithic site of Taizé, an exciting new history....

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